December 30, 2019

Holistics Careers

Why Holistics?

At Holistics, we’re building the new kind of data intelligence global tech company. Our software transforms how companies make better, well-informed business decisions using data. Our platform has helped improve data productivities of companies in over 16 countries across the world.

We believe a small team of passionate, dedicated people with the right mindset and methodologies can build a global, scalable B2B product from anywhere in the world, particularly South East Asia.

Why You’ll Love Working Here?

  • BigData product with high technology

  • Young and active team, strong engineering culture

  • Good salary and benefits

Opening Positions

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Our Interview Process

  • We want to know how it feels like to work together. First you’ll see Holistics and how our customers are using it. Later we’ll code together online, or review your solution to an offline code challenge

  • When you come onsite, you’ll pair program with our engineers on Holistics codebase

Our Engineering Culture

  • We don’t fancy free food or ping pong table, we focus on building an environment where our engineers can be productive and concentrate on solving good problems

  • Our engineers own the product from end to end. They are involved in and get to speak directly with the customers to understand how they’re using it

  • We don’t write bad code to rush for deadline. We prefer spending more time refactoring the code over shipping bad code

Our Engineering Philosophy

Problem Solving Centric

We are not obsessed by any particular technology. We believe cool technologies might not get the job done, the right technologies do. We currently use Ruby, Node.js, VueJS with PostgreSQL and Redis but not afraid to try new things. We invented our own job scheduling system when we found nothing fit our needs.

Quality Over Quantity

We think performance and code quality should not be an afterthought. We favor code refactoring over adding new functionality. We focus on test-driven development, short-cycle deployment. We make sure our code is highly readable and modular with thorough technical documentations and proper design patterns.

Metrics-Driven Engineering

When it comes to engineering performance, we don't feel, we know. We don't just rely on intuitions, but let the numbers speak for itself. We have logging and monitoring properly set up. We know how fast (or slow) our site is, and how much improvements we've made compared to last week. BETA