Open-source Full-stack Engineer


Holistics is looking for a full-stack open-source software engineer to work on an ambitious open-source project that has potential to impact developer teams around the world. This position is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


We launched as a side-project in late 2018 with no marketing budget (still no marketing budget now) and at the moment (Nov 2020) it has over 250K users with over 70K monthly active users (MAUs), with than 70% of them are developers.

Our second project,, is a tool to help developers create database documentation site for their applications.

Seeing the potential of this, we spun off its DSL language into open-source language DBML (github) to define database schema. It has been picked up and adopted by organizations across the world since.

Our vision is to see DBML become the open-source industry standard for defining database schema for every web application. Imagine in every web application, there is a database.dbml to represent the database structure.

We’re looking for a junior/mid-level full-stack engineer who’s excited by this vision to join us on this ambitious project.

Job Scope

Work on developing 3 related projects revolving around database documentations:

  • Our open-source database markup language:
  • Our database documentation tool (based on DBML):
  • Our database diagram drawing tool (based on DBML):

Our Engineering Philosophy

  • Problem Solving Centric
  • We are not obsessed with any particular technology. We believe cool technologies might not get the job done, the right technologies do. We currently use Ruby, Node.js, VueJS with PostgreSQL and Redis but not afraid to try new things. We invented our own job scheduling system when we found nothing fit our needs.
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • We think performance and code quality should not be an afterthought. We favor code refactoring over adding new functionality. We focus on test-driven development, short-cycle deployment. We make sure our code is highly readable and modular with thorough technical documentations and proper design patterns.
  • Metrics-Driven Engineering
  • When it comes to engineering performance, we don't feel, we know. We don't just rely on intuitions, but let the numbers speak for itself. We have logging and monitoring properly set up. We know how fast (or slow) our site is, and how much improvements we've made compared to last week.

Our Engineering Culture

  • We don’t fancy-free food or ping pong table, we focus on building an environment where our engineers can be productive and concentrate on solving good problems
  • Our engineers own the product from end to end. They are involved in and get to speak directly with the customers to understand how they’re using it
  • We don’t write bad code to rush for the deadline. We prefer spending more time refactoring the code over shipping bad code


  • Strong problem solving (most important)
  • Excited about working with open-source projects or developer-tool softwares
  • Experiences with JavaScript/NodeJS a plus (though not required)
  • Have at least 1 year of experiences in Software Development
  • Good English communication skill (reading and writing)
  • Both senior and junior positions are welcome

Interview Process

- Round 1: A short chat with HR (Short chat to introduce Holistics, our product, discuss to understand your skills and experiences)

- Round 2: Technical interview with Engineering team

- Round 3: Do take-home assignment (offline - deadline 3days, will be sent after Round 2)

Why You'll Love Working

👨🏼‍💼 Training & career developments

  • Weekly TED talks to expand skills and knowledge.
  • Yearly budget to support personal and professional growth, well-beings and interest cultivations.

🌏 Competitive salary and benefits

  • 24/7 Healthcare Insurance, Periodic Medical Checkup.
  • Salary regular reviews, 13-month Bonus.
  • Stock Options for high-contributing individuals.

💕 Awesome company policies

  • A flexible work culture, Regular reviews, Remote policy.
  • 14 Annual leaves/year, 14 Sick leaves/year, Children care leave policy.
  • Weekly happy hours. Company trip and company-organized events.

🏢 Workstations provided for maximum productivity

  • MacBook (or Laptop) Grant
  • Mechanical Keyboard + Razer Mouse
  • Big-screen monitor(s)

🌐 Working time: From Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

🌐 Work location: Charmington La Pointe Building, 181, Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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