November 1, 2020

💻 Fullstack Engineer

📍 Ho Chi Minh City - ⏰ Full-time

Note: This position is always hiring in Vietnam

Job Scope

You’ll be working on all aspects of our product and platform: from front-end visualizations, implementing scalable, data-heavy features, helping customers with their complex SQL, to managing our servers that processed thousands of heavy jobs everyday.

  • Build complex and interactive data delivery platform using HTML5, JavaScript; build reusable front-end JS/HTML components.

  • Design and implement our features from both backend logic to frontend interactions

  • Build back-end components that deal with data movement and logic.

Some Cool Things We've Done/You Might Do:

  • Build an in-house background job queue system using just PostgreSQL and Ruby

  • Design and build a generic data connector that works with all major databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Redshift, BigQuery, etc)

  • Build an Excel-like Pivot Table interface for slicing and dicing of data

  • Build a cohort/retention analysis color-coding table (think Mixpanel/kissmetrics)

  • Build a new domain-specific language for analytics

Interesting Engineering Projects

  • Zero-downtime deployment for long-running background jobs

  • Writing a database abstraction layer to interface with different database technologies at once: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery, Presto

  • Implement alert monitoring system using statistical algorithms

  • ETL customer’s data from MongoDB to relational DBs with minimal overhead.

  • Parsing SQL into an AST (abstract syntax tree) to understand semantics and suggest optimizations

  • Build a sandbox environment to execute arbitrary Python code that still ensures security


  • Strong problem solving (most important)

  • Experiences with Ruby on Rails/Ruby is a plus

  • Have at least 1 year of experiences in Software Development

  • Some experiences with Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLs, Vue.js, ES6, TypeScript

  • Good English communication skill (reading and writing)

  • Both senior and junior positions are welcome

What We Look For In You

  • Problem Solving: You don’t just write code based on requirements, you debate the requirements with us.

  • Coding: You write good code, you’ve written code that handle a lot of load, and you enjoy optimizing and refactoring your code to make it faster

  • Culture & Mindset: You’re a team player; you understand how it’s like working for a startup – doing anything and everything needed (from writing blog posts, to help customers with their data problem)

  • Tech Stack: we use Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Vue.js, ES6, TypeScript and a lot of SQLs. It’s great if you know these, but it’s not a big deal. We’re confident you’ll pick these up quickly on the job.

Basically you will not just implement features based on a task list. We need your original ideas, creativity and critical thinking skills to help us build a great data platform.

Interview Process

Engineering team

- Round 1: A short chat with HR (Short chat to introduce Holistics, our product, discuss to understand your skills and experiences)

- Round 2: Technical interview with Engineering team

- Round 3: Do take-home assignment (offline - deadline 3days)


  • Compensation: 800$ -1500$

  • 14 Annual leaves/year, 14 Sick leaves/year

  • 13th month-salary; Performance review twice a year

  • 24/7 Healthcare Insurance, Periodic Medical Checkup

  • Shares (Stock Options) for high-contributing individuals

  • Workstation provided for maximal productivity: Macbook (or Laptop), Leopold FC750R mechanical keyboard, Razer Abyssus V2 computer mouse, 24’ Ultrasharp Monitor

  • Active and agile working environment; Flexible time culture; Weekly happy hours, fruits, snack...

  • Weekly Technical Talks and TED talks to expand skills and knowledge, games and social sport activities with company; Company trip and company-organized events.

  • An Opportunity to work with top-notch experts from around the world.

🕧 Working time: from Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

🌐 Work location: Charmington La Pointe Building, 181, Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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