Analytics Engineer

HCMC, Vietnam

About the position

We’re the team behind projects like BI tool Holistics, database diagram tool, and open-source project We are looking for another Analytics Engineer to help us evolve our data pipeline to support internal decisions, and to provide valuable insights into the mind of data professionals so we can improve our products.

This is a full-time position based in Ho Chi Minh City with flexible, hybrid WFH/WFO setup.

What is Holistics?

First off, Holistics is not simply a data visualization tool.

The core of Holistics as a product lies in the “Semantic Layer” that sits on top of your physical database. This abstraction layer enables you to add more meanings to your tables, and let you create reusable data components like data models, metrics, dimensions…These components can be combined into datasets - the interface for the end-users to query data with a familliar drag and drop interfaces.

Our vision for this semantic layer is to incorporate the best practices of software engineering into the data analytics workflow: version control, code review, deployment flow, CI/CD…

Working at Holistics’s data team, aside from supporting internal team’s with data for better decision, you will be one of the first that experience these innovations, and your input will help to shape the development of the product itself.

Our current data setup

We wrote an entire book explaining the complex analytics landscape, so it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about setting up data stack.

That said, our data setup is as follows:

  • We pull data (using Airbyte + custom scripts) from several sources into a centralized data warehouse (BigQuery) and clean them (dbt) into usable formats.
  • These data are then served (using Holistics) to internal data users in the form of dashboards and datasets. The data is also pushed to CRM systems (using Census) to enable automated workflow operations.
  • We implement Snowplow to collect behavioural data from users using our app.
  • All data logic are coded and version controlled inside Github repositories.

On the business side, we practices what we preach. That means instead of building reports and dashboards, data team works to maintain a common set of metrics definition and educate the business users on how to self-serve the platform effectively.

What you will work on here

Below are some of the interesting data projects that have been going on inside Holistics.

Data Pipeline

  • Implement a data orchestration & monitoring solution to make the pipeline more robust
  • Tracking: Build event tracking workflow to enable Product team to track and measure impact of new feature development.

Customer & Product Analytics

  • Build a retention & engagement reporting system for current Holistics customers to measure AARRR metrics. This gives a host of benefits, including understanding where our conversion bottlenecks are, or help predict churns.
  • Pricing Analysis— Among our paying customers, who get the most value out of their money? Who should pay more? Which pricing models work best when?

Help improve Holistics as a product

  • This is a unique job that only Holistics can offer you. Aside from the above data work, you get to act as a valuable source of insights into how data people work to shape how Holistics build the platform.
  • You get to research, evaluate the latest data tools in the market and document your findings as a source of inspiration to improve the product.

What we look for in  you

Here’s our idea of a good team member fit:

  • You should have a genuine interest in the data analytics / BI industry as a whole.
  • You should have a continuous learning & growth mindset. You find yourself excited to learn something new as part of the work every day.
  • You should have solid problem decomposition & problem solving skills.
  • You think about the whole system: Understand how business operations, human factors, data collection, data input, data usage… interact and affect one another in an organization
  • Communications: Given we have a strong writing culture, you should be comfortable with communicating your ideas in English written forms.
  • Experience with our exact tools we use is not required - we expect you to pick these up quickly on the job.

The following skillsets are needed:

  • SQL proficiency: you should be able to write SQL with readability in mind, and be able to optimize queries for better performance (in terms of speed and cost)
  • Data modeling: Understand analysts and business users’ needs to transform source data into an easy-to-use format.
  • Research & information synthesis: can quickly grasp new concepts & ideas to draw out your own conclusions

Interview Process

  • Round 1: A chat with the Data team (Short chat to introduce Holistics, our product, discuss to understand your skills, experiences & past projects)
  • Round 2: Do take-home assignment (offline - deadline 3 days, will be sent after Round 1)
  • Round 3: Present assignment with our Data team

Why You'll Love Working

👨🏼‍💼 Training & career developments

  • Weekly TED talks to expand skills and knowledge.
  • Yearly budget to support personal and professional growth, well-beings and interest cultivations.

🌏 Competitive salary and benefits

  • 24/7 Healthcare Insurance, Periodic Medical Checkup.
  • Salary regular reviews, 13-month Bonus.
  • Stock Options for high-contributing individuals.

💕 Awesome company policies

  • A flexible work culture, Regular reviews, Remote policy.
  • 14 Annual leaves/year, 14 Sick leaves/year, Children care leave policy.
  • Weekly happy hours. Company trip and company-organized events.

🏢 Workstations provided for maximum productivity

  • MacBook (or Laptop) Grant
  • Mechanical Keyboard + Razer Mouse
  • Big-screen monitor(s)

🌐 Working time: From Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

🌐 Work location:457 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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