December 30, 2020

Holistics Careers

Holistics is a fast-growing startup based out of Singapore, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City. We have a strong engineering culture and understand what it takes to build scalable software. We are obsessed with code quality and code reusability - we refactor, clean up, and think about how to optimize our code.

We are building a data platform that allows companies to set up an end-to-end, reusable, and scalable data analytics stack without engineering resources. Our software transforms how companies make better, well-informed business decisions. Our platform has helped improve the data productivity of companies in over 30 countries. Unicorns like Grab, Traveloka... as well as well-funded startups like, ShopBack, KFIT, Kaodim... are among our proud customers.

At Holistics

People-First Company

We believe the right people make all the difference. Building great software comes from building great teams. This puts our focus on the right people working well and having fun together.

Personal Growth

A good employee is a good student of life, and at Holistics we commit to help you develop yourself as an individual. We have weekly talks where our members share various different life topics, from “American history” to “How to invest in stock market”.

Productivity Workstation

As working professionals, we understand what it takes to be productive, and it starts with a good workstation. You’ll get your own Macbook Pro (or Windows Laptop), a mechanical Leopold FC750R keyboard, a Razer mouse, and a 24” Ultrasharp monitor.


Our Engineering Philosophy

Problem Solving Centric

We are not obsessed with any particular technology. We believe cool technologies might not get the job done, the right technologies do. We currently use Ruby, Node.js, VueJS with PostgreSQL and Redis but not afraid to try new things. We invented our own job scheduling system when we found nothing fit our needs.

Quality Over Quantity

We think performance and code quality should not be an afterthought. We favor code refactoring over adding new functionality. We focus on test-driven development, short-cycle deployment. We make sure our code is highly readable and modular with thorough technical documentations and proper design patterns.

Metrics-Driven Engineering

When it comes to engineering performance, we don't feel, we know. We don't just rely on intuitions, but let the numbers speak for itself. We have logging and monitoring properly set up. We know how fast (or slow) our site is, and how much improvements we've made compared to last week.

Our Engineering Culture

  • We don’t fancy-free food or ping pong table, we focus on building an environment where our engineers can be productive and concentrate on solving good problems

  • Our engineers own the product from end to end. They are involved in and get to speak directly with the customers to understand how they’re using it

  • We don’t write bad code to rush for the deadline. We prefer spending more time refactoring the code over shipping bad code

Our Interview Process

  • We want to know how it feels like to work together. First, you’ll see Holistics and how our customers are using it. Later we’ll code together online, or review your solution to an offline code challenge

  • When you come onsite, you’ll pair program with our engineers on Holistics codebase

Opening Positions



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March 1, 2020

Senior Inbound Marketer

📍 Ho Chi Minh City - ⏰ Full-time

Holistics is a data product company focusing on providing a better way to do data analytics for people. We're building up a Demand Marketing Team (marketing team focusing on Demand Generations), and we're looking for an Inbound Marketing Specialist to join our team.

This position is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is a mid-level to senior position.

Work you'll be doing

You'll be working with our Marketing team that consists of:

  • Product Marketer who defines the target audience, positioning messaging

  • Designers who design graphics, landing pages and marketing UX

  • Content writers who write good content that attracts our target audience.

Below are some of the example work you'll be working on (but don't limit yourself to just these):

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): In charge of looking at marketing metrics at different conversion points and think of ways to improve them (e.g. improve visitors to trial signups conversion)

  • Lead Nurturing: Build lead nurturing processes and flywheel through email marketing, content newsletter, and social channels.

  • Content Distribution: Work with content team to plan and execute on distribution plan for content effort. Examples of content such as: blog posts, white-papers, ebooks, webinars, infographics.

  • Landing Page Experiments: Work with the team to come up with landing pages with unique messaging, run targeted experiments to drive traffic, convert them and measure the results.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): work with our content team to optimize content for search/SEO purposes.

You'll be a good fit if

  • Past experience in inbound marketing preferred. Experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Familiar with the marketing funnel and flywheel.

  • You're smart, creative and have strong drive to work in a young and fast-paced startup environment. Both B2C or B2B experience welcomed. able to learn complex data products in B2B marketing.

  • Bonus: Understand or has experience with B2B SaaS products.

  • Bonus: data analysis skills & SQL skills.

If the above gives you excitement, apply below and we'll get back to you soonest!


  • Learn product-thinking and customer-centric thinking mindset

  • Learn how to build a global product from within South East Asia.

  • 14 Annual leaves/year, 14 Sick leaves/year

  • 13th month-salary; Performance review twice a year

  • 24/7 Healthcare Insurance, Periodic Medical Checkup

  • Shares (Stock Options) for high-contributing individuals

  • Workstation provided for maximal productivity: Macbook (or Laptop), Leopold FC750R mechanical keyboard, Razer Abyssus V2 computer mouse, 24’ Ultrasharp Monitor

  • Active and agile working environment; Flexible time culture; Weekly happy hours, fruits, snack...

  • Weekly TED talks to expand skills and knowledge, games and social sport activities with company; Company trip and company-organized events.

  • An Opportunity to work with top-notch experts from around the world.

🕧 Working time: from Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

🌐 Work location: Charmington La Pointe Building, 181, Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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