December 30, 2020

Holistics Careers

Holistics is a fast-growing startup based out of Singapore, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City. We have a strong engineering culture and understand what it takes to build scalable software. We are obsessed with code quality and code reusability - we refactor, clean up, and think about how to optimize our code.

We are building a data platform that allows companies to set up an end-to-end, reusable, and scalable data analytics stack without engineering resources. Our software transforms how companies make better, well-informed business decisions. Our platform has helped improve the data productivity of companies in over 30 countries. Unicorns like Grab, Traveloka... as well as well-funded startups like, ShopBack, KFIT, Kaodim... are among our proud customers.

At Holistics

People-First Company

We believe the right people make all the difference. Building great software comes from building great teams. This puts our focus on the right people working well and having fun together.

Personal Growth

A good employee is a good student of life, and at Holistics we commit to help you develop yourself as an individual. We have weekly talks where our members share various different life topics, from “American history” to “How to invest in stock market”.

Productivity Workstation

As working professionals, we understand what it takes to be productive, and it starts with a good workstation. You’ll get your own Macbook Pro (or Windows Laptop), a mechanical Leopold FC750R keyboard, a Razer mouse, and a 24” Ultrasharp monitor.


Our Engineering Philosophy

Problem Solving Centric

We are not obsessed with any particular technology. We believe cool technologies might not get the job done, the right technologies do. We currently use Ruby, Node.js, VueJS with PostgreSQL and Redis but not afraid to try new things. We invented our own job scheduling system when we found nothing fit our needs.

Quality Over Quantity

We think performance and code quality should not be an afterthought. We favor code refactoring over adding new functionality. We focus on test-driven development, short-cycle deployment. We make sure our code is highly readable and modular with thorough technical documentations and proper design patterns.

Metrics-Driven Engineering

When it comes to engineering performance, we don't feel, we know. We don't just rely on intuitions, but let the numbers speak for itself. We have logging and monitoring properly set up. We know how fast (or slow) our site is, and how much improvements we've made compared to last week.

Our Engineering Culture

  • We don’t fancy-free food or ping pong table, we focus on building an environment where our engineers can be productive and concentrate on solving good problems

  • Our engineers own the product from end to end. They are involved in and get to speak directly with the customers to understand how they’re using it

  • We don’t write bad code to rush for the deadline. We prefer spending more time refactoring the code over shipping bad code

Our Interview Process

  • We want to know how it feels like to work together. First, you’ll see Holistics and how our customers are using it. Later we’ll code together online, or review your solution to an offline code challenge

  • When you come onsite, you’ll pair program with our engineers on Holistics codebase

Opening Positions



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April 29, 2020

Product Analyst

📍 Ho Chi Minh City - ⏰ Full-time

Job Scope

  • Be the owner of an end-to-end product development cycle (Build, Measure, Learn)

  • Research: Understand and lead user/market/competitive analysis to scope out the right features to build

  • Ship: Work with Engineering, Design, & Marketing team to ship the final features and products, clearly communicate product benefits to users and internal stakeholders

  • Monitor: Manage product backlog and prioritize important features, define and measure product success metrics

  • Engage: Gather customer/prospect/market feedback

  • Strategy: Understand the market landscape and able to define the team's roadmap

  • Leadership: own the products/features you build, become a decision-maker, eager to learn and inspire other team members


  • Strong Product / Problem Solving / Analytical / Marketing / UX / Insight-driven mindset

  • Strong research skill, have basic knowledge about Database, BI and Programming

  • Have background/skills on one of the following fields: Computer Science, Software Engineering, UX, Data, Marketing or Product

  • Experience in building/running web products is a plus

  • Eager to learn and grow

  • Like to work in Global Tech Product Company environment

  • Good English writing and communication skills

Interview Process

Product team

We would like to explain to you about our interview process. We will have 3 rounds (round 1 & 2 in 1 day). Include:

- Round 1: A short chat with HR + Product Manager (Short chat to introduce Holistics, our product, discuss to understand your skills and experiences)

- Round 2: Technical interview with Product team

- Round 3: Do take-home assignment (offline - deadline 3days)


  • Salary: $500 - $1200

  • Learn product-thinking and customer-centric thinking mindset

  • Learn how to build a global product from within South East Asia.

  • 14 Annual leaves/year, 14 Sick leaves/year

  • 13th month-salary; Performance review twice a year

  • 24/7 Healthcare Insurance, Periodic Medical Checkup

  • Shares (Stock Options) for high-contributing individuals

  • Workstation provided for maximal productivity: Macbook (or Laptop), Leopold FC750R mechanical keyboard, Razer Abyssus V2 computer mouse, 24’ Ultrasharp Monitor

  • Active and agile working environment; Flexible time culture; Weekly happy hours, fruits, snack...

  • Weekly TED talks to expand skills and knowledge, games and social sport activities with company; Company trip and company-organized events.

  • An Opportunity to work with top-notch experts from around the world.

🕧 Working time: from Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

🌐 Work location: Charmington La Pointe Building, 181, Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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February 29, 2020

💻Software Engineer Intern

📍 Ho Chi Minh City - ⏰ Full-time

Internship Program: 4 - 6 months

Holistics is growing rapidly and looking for passionate Computer Science/Software Engineering to join us as Software Engineer Intern. This position is based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Job Scope

You’ll be working on all aspects of our products, for example: front-end & backend development, implementing new features, website development, customer support...

  • Implement necessary back-end features & APIs to extend the platform’s functionality

  • Build complex and interactive data analysis interface using HTML5, JavaScript (AngularJS); build reusable front-end JS/HTML components.

  • Translate wireframes and sketches into working prototypes and features.

  • Develop and improve our website experience.

  • Build and maintain front-end/back-end libraries and frameworks.

  • Support our customers with trouble shootings.


  • Strong problem solving (most important)

  • Currently pursuing Computer Science or related fields in Universities in Vietnam/overseas.

What We Look For In You

  • Problem Solving: You don’t just write code based on requirements, you debate the requirements with us.

  • Coding: You write good code, you’ve written code that handles a lot of loads, and you enjoy optimizing and refactoring your code to make it faster

  • Culture & Mindset: You’re a team player; you understand how it’s like working for a startup – doing anything and everything needed (from writing blog posts, to help customers with their data problem)

  • Tech Stack: we use Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Vue.js, ES6 and a lot of SQLs. It’s great if you know these, but it’s not a big deal. We’re confident you’ll pick these up quickly on the job.

Basically you will not just implement features based on a task list. We need your original ideas, creativity, and critical thinking skills to help us build a great data platform.

Interview Process

Engineering team

- Round 1: A short chat with HR (Short chat to introduce Holistics, our product, discuss to understand your skills and experiences)

- Round 2: Technical interview with Engineering team

- Round 3: Do take-home assignment (offline - deadline 3days)


  • Compensation: 5,000,000 VND

  • Workstation provided for maximal productivity: 24’ Ultrasharp Monitor, Leopold FC750R mechanical keyboard, Razer Abyssus V2 computer mouse.

  • Active and agile working environment; Weekly happy hours, fruits, snack ...

  • Weekly TED talks to expand skills and knowledge, games and social sport activities with company

  • Company trip and company-organized events.

  • An Opportunity to work with top-notch experts from around the world.

Working time: From Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Work location: Charmington La Pointe Building, 181, Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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December 31, 2019

Growth Hustler

  • 📍 Singapore/Remote - ⏰ Full-time

Note: This position is always hiring

Holistics is a business intelligence software company. Our software help SQL analysts build insightful dashboards, and help data teams automate their entire data pipeline (ETL) and preparation process. We work with customers in 30+ countries from StartUp to Enterprise e.g Grab, Traveloka, Line, GroupM, Ralali, Pegipegi, TIX, E27

We’re growing rapidly and looking for growth hustlers and hackers to join us. The position is based in Singapore, you’ll work directly with our CEO and CTO to devise and execute growth plans.

Why Join Us?

What You Will Be Doing

As a Growth Hustler, your primary goal is to deliver business growth through leading and joining projects related to customer acquisition, on-boarding, retention, and virality.

  • Optimize our trial conversion process by collaborating with our engineers

  • Build your case for growth projects and monitor your growth returns

  • Study data industry trends and establish yourself as a thought leader in the community

  • Design and execute repeatable sales processes and execute them

  • Identify ways to reduce growth leakage through improving retention

What We Look For In You

You are a rainmaker who makes things happen, or a reliable team player that can help your team execute their initiatives to completion. Our team possess a mix of some of the following skill-sets, and work together to drive project outcomes together!

We like you to leverage on your experience, skills and perspectives in at least 2 of the following:

  • Digital Marketing: You ran digital marketing campaigns and understand how different tools fits into an overall demand generation strategy.

  • Sales Sense: You make sharp assessments on prospects and customers, and am able to find out their underlying concerns or motivations from their behavior and responses.

  • Content: You can adapt your writing to appeal to different audiences and personas in technical, business and media.

  • Design: Besides knowing bad design when you see one, you are able to roll up your sleeves and design creative visuals or infographics to market our content better.

  • Analytical: You know the right metrics to track and measure to track project progress, and how to convert data to get the answers and insights you need.

  • Product Sense: You have a sharp eye for software design and can quickly mock-up wireframes and workflows that makes sense from a prospect evaluating the software.

  • Technical Skills: You know how to code and can deploy simple commits or changes without the need to involve an experienced engineer.

We don’t expect you to be a super all-rounder with all the above skills, we want to know your skills-mix, and how you think they can fit with ours.

Bonus: If you have previous experience in any of the following, you will get up to speed pretty easily with what we are doing:

  • SQL, Python or any BI/analytics tools

  • Domain knowledge in data space as a data analysts, engineers and scientists

  • Sales or Marketing Roles in B2B SaaS

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December 31, 2019

Growth Sales Hunter

📍 Singapore/Remote - ⏰ Full-time

Note: This position is always hiring

Who You Are

There’s very few people you can’t get to know if you choose to. And you either make new customers or new friends along the way. The thrill of closing deals goes beyond money, it’s about the ability to earn trust.

Clients trust you because unlike other sales reps, you don’t bore them with self-serving non-value-added messages. They appreciate the insights and case studies you curated for them, and how you move them forward in their decision making.

You earned their trust because you empathize strongly with people. And the ability to sense unspoken tensions and how to diffuse them into creative win-win outcomes.

But that does not mean you pursue all deals. You are sensitive towards how you spend your time. You know when to walk away from deals that are not worth your energy. Energy that could have been better used to fill up new pipelines or progress other deals.

As a new-age salesperson, you are constantly differentiating your product and yourself stand out in competitive spaces.

You are looking to take on a role that provides you complete control over the sales engagement process. And most importantly, finding a coach who can bring your sales skills to the next level.

Why Holistics:

As a self-funded startup, Holistics is focused on building a fast-growing and sustainable business. We grow our revenue while maintaining positive cash-flow and profitability.

  • Opportunity to work with some of the best product engineers

  • Be part of the early team members for a young, profitable and growing startup.

  • Learn a new skill in SQL data analysis and business intelligence

  • Learn directly from experienced sales veteran and structured playbook

As A Sales Hunter:

You work closely with the Growth team for lead generation, and progress deals with prospects and customers to closure.

  • Plan and execute lead generation campaigns on selected verticals with the marketing team

  • Penetrate new accounts and gain support of key influencers and decision-makers

  • Lead sales calls and software demos with prospects globally, through web calls or in-person meetings

  • Communicate key market, product and competitive insights learned to the internal team

What You Get/Learn:

  • Opportunity to join a fast-growing startup fully dedicated to customers’ needs

  • Flexible and remote working arrangement (meet in office twice a week)

  • Leverage on a highly focused and disciplined engineering team who delivers

  • Work with highly motivated team members across Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam

  • Coaching on sales engagement techniques by an experienced sales mentor

  • Career Potential for top performers to be groomed into Country or Regional Sales Director

What You Have:

  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills.

  • Strong empathy and people sense to identify compelling reasons to act

  • Good ability to present software value proposition to prospects

  • Ability to connect and build rapport with people

  • Ability to work and deliver independently remotely

  • Ability to use CRM systems and sales automation to your advantage

  • Ability to write compelling prospecting emails and follow-ups


Any background, experience or proven aptitude in the following areas will be a bonus

  • B2B software sales background

  • Business intelligence industry domain expertise

  • B2B technology sales experience

  • Community building experience in online/offline engagements

  • Networks within the data or startup community

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