Presales and Technical Account Manager


Who We Are

Holistics makes it easy for both data and business teams to model and analyze their company data. We support over 300 fast-growing tech companies, including unicorns, across 30 countries. Our platform processes over 5 million analytics queries every month for over 5000 users globally.

Holistics Datasets help business teams understand and explore the data available for them to build their own reports without over-relying on their data team.

These datasets are built from Holistics Data Models, that simplifies work processes and reduces unnecessary repetitive work for data teams.

About This Role

Holistics is looking to hire a technical product expert member that can help our stakeholders with their product use-cases and requests. In brief, this role involves a mix of pre-sales, customer success, and technical account management.


You will be working with business intelligence and data team members who are familiar with the modern data stack (cloud data warehouse), and term themselves as analytics engineers.

As the product expert, you will be addressing product functionality questions for the market (prospects, customers, partners), and internal stakeholders through video calls, emails, and community forums.

Your responsibilities are as below:

  • Market Interaction Calls: You will be taking live video calls with our prospects, customers, and partners. These calls include discovery and demo calls, onboarding calls, and customer review calls.
  • Product Expert: You will respond to product questions from both internal and external stakeholders via calls, emails, and community posts.
  • Technical Account Manager: You will be assigned key customer accounts, and you will address their questions, support questions, or feature requests in a timely and professional manner.
  • Product Marketing: You will publish demo videos for our docs and community, and also conduct live product training sessions. You will also support marketing in their outreach campaign efforts

Out of Scope

While we welcome you to try them out, you will not be responsible for the below:

  • Prospecting New Customers.
  • Commercial and Pricing Negotiations
  • Fixing Product Bugs and Issues


  • Skilled in SQL: Our customers are proficient SQL specialists, so you need to have strong proven SQL skills to communicate on their level. Alternatively, you need to have a proven technical aptitude to learn and apply technical concepts in practice.
  • Strong communication skills, both on video calls and email. You should have the empathy to uncover and understand the root cause of the problem our customers are facing, and frame tone appropriate responses.
  • Enjoy Interactions: The primary focus of this role is working with our customers and community via video, emails, and community responses. You should be energized about having purposeful conversations with our customers and community, and help them achieve their goals with a service mindset.
  • Resourceful: You think out of the box to help our customers to propose practical workarounds that overcome product constraints.
  • Ability to follow through: You will be working closely with the product team and ensure that product-related enquiries are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Writes well. Your writing should be well structured and shows clarity of thought.
  • Work remotely. This is a 100% remote position, and Holistics does not sponsor VISAs

Bonus Skills

We don’t expect you to possess the below but we strongly prefer applicants with the below attributes  (in descending order of priority)

  • Experience with Looker and/or dbt and are familiar with the concepts of data modeling for business intelligence
  • Git: Our vision is to bring software engineering (DevOps) best practices into our product analytics, and will be integrating Git into our product
  • Operational experience with cloud BI tools with concepts of centralized and governed data modeling.
  • Familiarity with Modern Cloud Data Stack, such as the SQL BI tools (Metabase, Mode, Periscope, Superset), data transformation tools, or ETL tools.
  • Product Mindset: You understand the mindset on how to uncover gaps

Learning more about Holistics

We have published a guidebook for data teams on how to set up the modern analytics stack in the cloud:

Read it! Multiple practitioners have said it's one of the most useful introductions to the modern data stack.

If you like to understand more about our platform, you may check out our docs here:

Holistics is also the creator of the following tools and standards:

Why Join Holistics?

  • Learn the current data world: You'll gain frontline market exposure with data teams around the world. We are often seen as being at the leading edge of data industry innovations, and you'll get to be a part of that.
  • Great product: You'll help to sell SaaS software that is ranked #2 globally for software usability by Gartner Frontrunners for business intelligence, as ranked over 280 BI tools.
  • Completely bootstrapped: Holistics is fully funded by customer revenue, and we are accountable only to our customers. Some of our major customers include some of the top tech unicorns around the world.
  • Sustainable: As a company, we are capital-efficient, profitable, and have a good cash buffer. So we are sustainable and here for the long term.
  • Strong Product Vision: We believe that many things are broken about the way current organizations use data, and we believe that the best way to change this is to introduce software engineering concepts to the practice of data worldwide.